Monday, May 10, 2010

The RZA's Cinematic Vision Soon to Invade DVD Players and Multiplexes

The Wu-Revolution has officially entered it's next phase as The RZA Now looks to conquer the fields of Screenwriting and directing. He has two upcoming projects that will be yet another manifestation of his appreciation for martial arts cinema. One will be headed to your television screen, the other to movie theaters nationwide.

First up is the chopsocky Wu-Tang Vs. The Golden Pheonix, for which two trailers are available over at youtube. This Straight to DVD offering is done in the same vain as the countless Kung-Fu classics that provided fodder for skits and intros on classic Wu-Tang releases. From the looks of the footage shown in the trailer, it would have been right at home on the shelves of The 43rd Chamber back in the day. Lending a bit of vintage Jade Screen authenticity to the affair are Shaw Brothers mainstays Robert Tai and Chi Kwan Chun.

Another RZA helmed project entitled The Man With the Iron Fist will be filming in Hong Kong this fall. Universal pictures has allotted him a production budget of 20 Million Dollars. Prince Rakeem again assumes scripting and directing duties as well as the starring role. RZA supporter and Torture Porn maestro Eli Roth will be producing. With that kind of endorsement, The Man With The Golden Fist" should be an interesting experiment at the very least.

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  1. i cant wait for this cat to start cranking out the old school type martial arts flicks!