Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tasty Treat: Keani Cochelle

By Scott Tre

Some images are so striking they are beyond words. Every once in a while, we see such images manifested in the flesh. The type of beauty that seems to make things move in slow motion around it. You can't help but to notice. Those are the moments that make you realize what it means to be "tempted" by what a woman has to offer. You wish to posses it in some way, yet you know that something so enamoring would never allow itself to be possessed or "kept" in any way.

Woman like that make you all to aware of what your weaknesses are as a man. A man never wants to think of himself as weak. Maybe that's why we chase after women who look like Keani Cochelle. If we can somehow obtain the object of our desires, maybe we can control and tame our weakness. Such is the selfish and vain nature of men.

Bah...I'm just thinking too much. Keani is simply a joy to look at!



  1. i have to remind myself that i chose to be with one woman. glad i dont know this chick in real life, cause her tall @$$ would make me challenge my convictions.

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