Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Martial Skills "Clash" In Action Packed Trailer

By Scott Tre

Once upon a time, Hong Kong was the Mecca of action packed B-movies.  High octane amusements were cranked out with assembly line regularity.  Those days are long gone and the Hong Kong film industry is now a shadow of it's former prolific self.  In the last decade, other countries have attempted to fill that void with their own scrappy product.  These films show the influence of Hong Kong action cinema and find ways to take action choreography to new heights.  Each year seems to bring a handful of films that are the action movie equivalent of extreme sports.

Bay Rong or Clash (as it will soon be known in North America) is the latest of this new wave, coming to us from the country of Vietnam.  The plot revolves around a mercenary named Linh whose services have been retained by organized crime in exchange for the release of her kidnapped daughter.  To this end she enlists the help of other mercenaries, and becomes romantically involved with one named Quan.  This is one of the many complications that takes place amidst flying fists, feet, and bullets.

Clash premiered at this years Tribeca film festival.  It is reportedly very similar to American Action blockbusters in every regard save for the fight choreography, though that much can be gleaned from the trailer itself.  Hong Kong action classics were also known to bare a passing resemblance to their much more expensive Western counter parts aside from the expected cultural differences.  Anyway, at least we will be treated to some top notch fight scenes.