Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Thundercats Series To Air on Cartoon Network in 2011

By Scott Tre

Warner Bros. Animation is preparing a brand new Thundercats series that will air on Cartoon Network in 2011.  The Series will be done in collaboration with Studio4°C, the same Japanese animation studio behind The Animatrix and Gotham Knights.  The new series will cover the same Science-Fantasy territory as the original, with updated character designs and the like (The photo that accompanies this story is meant to give us an idea of what to expect).  It will be accessible to newcomers while retaining the qualities that endeared the brand to die hard fans.

If those of us who remember and cherish the syndicated series can put nostalgia aside for a moment, it should be plainly obvious that this new series will be better than the original in almost every conceivable way.  Better quality writing and animation is a given.  We can't let rose colored glasses shield us from the fact that the syndicated show was essentially a series of 22 minute toy commercials.  While the motivations behind this new incarnation are probably no less shrewd, the end product will most assuredly be better.

*Thanks to MTV Splash Page for the scoop!