Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Maximus To Enter The 36th Chamber

By Scott Tre

E! Online has reported perhaps the most unlikely pairing imaginable.  Volatile Oscar winner Russell Crowe will costar with none other than The RZA in The Man With The Iron Fist, a 20 million dollar martial arts film that RZA is also set to direct.  Torture porn poster boy and likable sicko Eli Roth will assist with writing and production duties.

Russell Crowe appearing alongside the RZA in a kung fu film is startling enough, much less the idea of him taking direction from the founder and front man of the Wu-Tang clan. The two first appeared together in Ridley Scott's American Gangster in a considerably less shocking capacity. While the presence of an Academy Award winner may add an air of legitimacy to the proceedings, it also feels a bit unnecessary.  Crowe seems a bit too intense for a project like this. Perhaps he could make a decent heavy provided that he allows himself to tune into the films wavelength.

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