Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chris Evans Silences All Doubt That He Is The First Avenger

By Scott Tre

Although I am an admitted fan of both superhero comics and films, some of the more "classic" characters have never done it for me.  I have always found Captain America a bit hokey and especially out of touch with modern sensibilities.  The idea of a brightly costumed hero participating in World War II ground battles and using a shield as his primary weapon has never been something I found interesting. 

Yet, I find the prospect of a Captain America film delightful.  I think that what seems outmoded on the comic page may in fact be whimsical and thrilling when projected on the big screen.  The latest photos of Chris Evans as the title character come courtesy of Entertainment Weekly (on newsstands tomorrow), and I'll be damned if Cap hasn't literally stepped off the page and onto the screen.  Evans has packed on quite a bit of muscle mass (naturally, one hopes) and in one photo he sports a smile right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Other photos show Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull.  Weaving looks to be in full on hand wringing and mustache twirling mode, which only heightens my anticipation further.  Other photos are right out of a 1950's science fiction movie and seem to reek of atomic age paranoia.  It looks to be Spielberg-lite, which is exactly the sentiment that is needed (at least for the WWII era stuff).  Chris Evans officially has my vote.  If Captain America fails, it won't be because of him.  I dare anyone to look at these photos and remain unmoved:


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