Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Theatrical Poster For "Tron Legacy" Recalls The Past While Looking To The Future.

By Scott Tre

Aside from the groundbreaking visuals contained in the film itself, perhaps one of the most memorable images from the original Tron is the one shown on its theatrical poster.  It showed Tron himself reaching up to receive his disc from his user as it lowers to him while traveling on a single beam of blue light.  The scene it references has Tron being given the vital information needed to defeat the Master Control Program.  He was a warrior receiving a gift from the gods, and the poster conveyed that wonderfully.

Taking its cue from the original image, the theatrical poster for Tron Legacy offers an updated version that is just as amazing.  It contains many of the expected enhancements, but the basic concept remains untouched.  It's a classic movie poster image that completely captures the essence of the film it's trying to sell.  It's nice to see the powers that be adhering to the old adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" for once.  Hopefully that sentiment is indicative of the finished film.

Here is a comparison of the poster for the original Tron (top) with the poster for Tron Legacy (bottom).

Here is the 2nd official trailer for Tron Legacy:

Here is the trailer for the original Tron

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