Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rick Ross & Ne-Yo Get "Super-High"

By Scott Tre

As if the swaying "red carpet at the players ball" vibe of the track itself weren't enough, Rick Ross saw fit to equip his intoxicating new song "Super High" (featuring Ne-Yo) with a clip directed by the legendary F. Gary Gray.  The video features a cameo by the perpetually young Stacey Dash, who makes goo goo eyes at "The Bawse" while riding shotgun in her man's yellow Lamborghini convertible.  Rick is leading a caravan of motorcyclists down a stretch of highway through the desert.  They help him force the jealous boyfriend to a halt so Stacey can hop out and hitch a ride with The South Florida Don.

To be honest, I don't think that the video fits the vibe emanated by the song itself.  I actually pictured Rick and his crew cruising down south beach, or even 125th in Harlem while flossing the cleanest whips imaginable.  The "Sons of Anarchy" motif isn't horrible, but I imagined something much more elegant and flossy.  Still, the song is undeniable with drums sounds that are reminiscent of Barry White's "Never Gonna Give You Up" and violins that will have the listener soaring over the clouds.  Score one more for the "Bawse".

Warriors Report To The Game Grid!

By Scott Tre

If I could think up a single term that encapsulates the sinisterly sleek coolness of the Tron Legacy image above it would be "Black Ice".  The term refers to ice that freezes with very few air bubbles trapped inside, thus giving it a transparent quality.  This phenomenon renders the roads a treacherous obstacle course for motorists.   Note the images that term brings to mind:  cold, slick, treacherous.  That's what the banner above communicates.

That amazing image now graces a huge billboard in Hollywood, CA.  I like how the filmmakers have evolved the costume designs from the original.  The game warriors now use Aerobies instead of frisbees and wear sleek motorcycle helmets.  If nothing else, Tron Legacy will look beautiful.  Let's hope that we get a good story and a dose of humanity along with the amazing visuals.

The Gods Are Frowning

By Scott Tre

Concept art for Marvel Studios upcoming Thor movie has leaked, and it reveals a rather glossy looking God of thunder.  These images are aglow with the plastic sheen of photoshop, making them hard to picture in the context of a live action feature.  At the very least, Chris Helmsworth will be recognizable as everyone's favorite Norse God.  Hopefully the actual costume will have a much more organic look on film.

Head over to to check out the full set.

Paul Mooney Has A Tiger In His Crosshairs

By Scott Tre

We knew he'd get around to it sooner or later.  Anyone who has even a casual familiarity with the work of Paul Mooney knows that he never passes up an opportunity to offer his perspective on the latest scandals involving black superstars.  You never know exactly what angle he'll come from, but rest assured it will be hilarious and insightful.  Paul has the uncanny ability to take the candid honesty found in Black barbershops across America and filter it through his own thoughtfully warped perspective.  He knows just what elements to exaggerate and embellish in order to reveal the underlying absurdity of a situation.

In the following YouTube clip, recorded on March 23 at the Uptown Comedy Corner in Atlanta, Mooney addresses the Tiger Woods situation as only he can.  Nothing is off limits as Mooney openly questions Tiger's connection to his African American heritage as well as his intestinal fortitude.  His observations aren't as outrageous or obscure as many would like to think.  Whether you agree with them or not, you have to respect Mooney's boldness.  He's been in the business for years and has never changed his perspective or his approach to comedy.  That kind of dedication is rare.

So hit the play button and prepare to be offended (or not).  Special thanks to Krazylikethatglue for uploading this hilarious footage to YouTube.