Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Detroit Documentarian: A Phone Conversation With Filmmaker Al Profit

By Scott Tre

People are mesmerized by urban decay, treating the unfortunate events that take place in America's more godforsaken areas as some sort of bizarre freak show to be viewed in snippets on cable news channels.  In one of his stand up routines, George Carlin openly admitted to being an entropy fan.  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary lists entropy as being Chaos, Disorder, and randomness (among other definitions).  It's easy to forget that in midst of any chaotic situation there are actual human lives at stake.  For them it's not an abstract, or something to be awed by from afar.  A major city doesn't fall into absolute decay overnight.  It takes an inquisitive and detail orientated individual to venture into ground zero and put together the pieces for posterity.  Preferably an individual who has a personal connection to the area and the events taking place therein.