Monday, November 29, 2010

Tasty Treat: Jean Grae

By Scott Tre

Every B-Boy needs a B-Girl.  I like my women as feminine as possible, but every now and then I get the craving for a tomboy.  Maybe it's just my inner child, then again maybe my taste in women is as weird as my taste in just about anything else.  Ms. Grae knows how to pull off that tomboy swag with just the right touch of girlishness.  No matter how rough and rugged (or downright weird) she tries to come off, she can't keep that "girly girl" from bubbling to the surface.  On the mic she goes just as hard as any guy, which actually adds to her appeal (rare for a female rapper in my humble opinion).  Unlike most of the "dictionary" rappers she is often unfairly grouped with, her music is appealing and her punchlines are actually witty.  Her looks grab your attention, while her talent and intelligence keep you around beyond the length of a gaze.  She's everything I need.  Too bad she's married.  Maybe there's a colony of petite, cute little B-Girls like her in some far off hip-hop fantasy land somewhere.