Monday, April 11, 2011

Debut Trailer: Mortal Kombat: Legacy

Mortal Kombat: Legacy is set to premiere sometime today.  As if the wait weren’t unbearable enough at this point, the debut trailer has just hit the web.  This one is indeed a full on trailer, and not simply a snippet from one of the episodes.  It gives an overview of the entire series as opposed to a single bout. 

As has become the standard for so many genre properties these days, Mortal Kombat: Legacy starts at the beginning.  Each combatant has a back story that will hopefully be meticulously explored throughout the course of the series.  Subzero seems to play a major role, as he is featured prominently.     

Writer/director Kevin Tancharoen comes from a background of dance choreography which would explain why  Mortal Kombat: Legacy has the slick look of a modern dance film.  The contrast between lights and darks is extremely high.  Slow motion is used liberally, and the voice over narration feels appropriately ominous.  

Though the look and tone are darkly serious, what transpires on screen doesn’t feel quite that consequential even though it looks great.  The fighting itself is the focus, which I guess is fitting given the source material.  Still, I am hoping that Tancheroen offers something a bit more than just a slick showcase for Larnell Stovall’s amazing choreography. 

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