Saturday, April 2, 2011

New "Green Lantern" Footage Shines Much Brighter Than Expected

Yesterday at Wondercon, Warner Brothers previewed 15 minutes of footage from their upcoming Green Lantern adaptation.  Today, four minutes of that presentation has surfaced online.  In short, it is the most effective piece of marketing for the film yet.  It more than makes amends for the borderline ridiculous trailer that all but destroyed my already minimal interest in the property.  For the first time, fans are getting a chance to see just how ambitious this project is.

The clip sets up the basic story of the film.  After a fateful run in with a downed alien spacecraft, test pilot Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is given a mystical piece of jewelry with a simple set of instructions from the craft’s mortally wounded pilot.  After obliging the extraterrestrial’s dying wish, Hal Jordan becomes the first human to be indoctrinated into an intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps.  His ring is actually a weapon that bestows him with super powers.  It literally turns thought into reality.  Those powers will come in handy as a malevolent entity known as Parallax poses an all encompassing threat to the universe.

I haven't the foggiest idea what this is but I love the way it looks.

The visual effects still have a translucently cartoon sheen to them.  Nothing looks photo real, and many shots of the various alien creatures are more than a bit reminiscent of The Star Wars Prequels.  This is especially true with the fish-like Tomar-Re (Geoffrey Rush).  Lest that instill fear in the hearts of fans, the proceedings here seem to have a much more competent air about them.  The color palette stands in stark contrast to the “grim & gritty” approach employed by so many filmmakers who do superhero adaptations.  These heroes do not wallow in darkness, but shine with every hue of the spectrum.  The cosmic setting is also a welcome change, offering a sense of scope that is infinitely broader than an adventure set within the confines of a city on earth.  

Emerald justice.

There are a few choice moments that will have fandom giddy with glee.  We get to see Hal wield a GE M134 minigun handheld constructed by his ring.  He uses it to perforate the Parallax (try saying that three times fast) or some other evil force that remains off screen.  We also get to see Parallax wreak havoc on a west coast city.  Again, none of it is exactly perfect, but I assume that much of what we are seeing isn’t finished.  Even in its unfinished form, it’s enough to generate ample excitement.
Old Painless.

My interest in this project just had a major up tick.  The snarky, silly tone and unbelievable visuals of that first trailer had me expecting the worst.  It seems that Warner Bros. realized that it wasn’t a very good representation of the film and decided to give audiences a real preview.  Superhero comics have always had a boundless feel.  When necessary, they let their heroes travel anywhere for any reason.  An adventure can occur on another planet of dimension just as easily as it can on earth.  I really hope that Green Lantern’s reach is equal to its grasp.  It might lead to a bold new era in cinematic superhero storytelling.

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