Friday, April 1, 2011

Preview: Touye Pwen: The Series

The key to serialized storytelling is to leave the viewer wanting more.  It’s hard to grab the audiences attention and even harder to maintain its interest.  As America’s collective attention span continues to shrink, storytellers in all mediums have had to make a few adjustments.  Characters and setting have to be established immediately and information must be relayed in as direct and efficient a manner as possible.  Once that is accomplished, you’ve got to give your audience a reason to keep coming back to the well.  A cliff hanger ending is a useless gesture when attached to an uninteresting story.

Director R.L. Scott’s online series Touye Pwen has set its sites on developing a loyal following. The plot focuses on an ex convict who reenters civilian life after a six year bid.  He moves toward his goals amidst a sea of criminality.  Suffice it to say, few if any of the types that populate this world have his best interest at heart.  The cast includes Andre "Chyna" Mccoy (The Matrix), Sean Riggs (Stomp The Yard, The Confidant), and Amin Joseph (The Expendables).

Kevin Lukata as Luc
A two and a half minute preview of the first chapter, “Kill Point,” opens with some exterior shots of New York City and an effective rap song by B-Mus Khalil.  Two characters, Luc(Kevin Lukata) and illegal arms dealer Khalil (Maurice Whitfield), are in the middle of a business transaction.  Luc’s hesitance to move forward with the deal causes a change in Khalil’s demeanor.  He reminds Luc of his status.  This inspires a necessary change of heart on Luc’s behalf.
Maurice Whitfield’s understated sense of menace feels real.  He doesn’t have to be overly aggressive.  His measured tone of voice and careful choice of words convey the message perfectly.  The dialogue is also quite good.  It’s direct and concise, suiting not only the character but the overall situation.  This “chapter” could very well serve as a trailer for the entire series.  If director R.L. Scott can keep up this kind of momentum, Touye Pwen will indeed be something for fans of modern crime dramas to look forward to.


  1. OMG! I can't wait for this series to start! I'm already intrigued!

  2. when is this webisode coming?

  3. The series starts airing online in June of 2011 at