Friday, May 20, 2011

Movie Trailer: Green Lantern 3D Trailer

The 3D trailer for Green Lantern has arrived.  It comes equipped with voice over narration that gives a cliffs notes version of the 71 year old mythology.  The CGI still looks like glossy animation, but the scope and ambition of Martin Campbell’s vision continues to capture the imagination.  The main purpose of this trailer seems to be exposition.  Warner Brothers has too much riding on this to risk alienating any segment of the audience. 

The newest teaser incorporates much of the same footage that was shown in the 4 minute preview, with a few noteworthy additions.  The voice over narration gives a very basic explanation of Parallax, establishing a threat level not present in earlier trailers.  The origin and purpose of the Green Lantern Corps is laid out.  Hal Jordan is shown using the ring to create vehicles and complex machines.  The whole thing plays like a plot synopsis during the title sequence of a syndicated cartoon or television series.

The only reservation that remains for me is the CGI.  It’s used so extensively here that I wonder if it can’t help but be a bit obvious at points.  I am beginning to believe that CGI has mistakenly been used as a replacement for traditional effects, when it was really meant to be used in addition to them.  Green Lantern looks to have the makings of a fine summer experience.  That one obstacle might make the difference between it being a good superhero movie and a great superhero movie.   


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