Monday, June 13, 2011

Music Video: Raekwon - Snake Pond

Home invasions have always been a part of the drug game.  Just ask Azie Faison, who was nearly killed by intruders trying to get at his stash.  They are also an effective method of intercepting an enemy or “sending a message.”  Being that such incidents occur so regularly in the world of hustling, it’s fitting that so many songs by Raekwon and Ghost constantly refer to them.  From “260” to “Maxine” and well beyond, The Cuban Link Cartel understands the dangers of answering the door when you’re not sure who’s on the other side.  Raekwon delves into that dilemma yet again for the latest video from Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, “Snake Pond”
Overflowing foghorn bass and Asian strings overtake the drums while Raekwon runs through yet another crime tale.  He extracts info from a woman before having a sexual encounter with her (or he sexually assaults her after stalking and kidnapping her, Rae’s barrage of slang makes it a bit unclear).  He then sets his sights on squaring up with the “Brooklyn boy” he’s after.  When he and his goons track the target down, he commits suicide during the confrontation (or perhaps that’s the cover story Rae has cooked up) Things feel a bit more sinister this time out as certain elements are reminiscent of Frank C. Matthews modern heist classic Respect the Jux.  The track is not as lively as past such efforts by Raekwon, but it’s still a solid showing.  

Rae's goon delivers the dreaded deathblow.

The clip itself follows the in the same vein as the last two videos.  It revolves around a single idea or incident, and never deviates from course.  As the unlucky couple watches Ten Tigers of Kwangtung on their TV, intruders burst into their basement level apartment.  While Rae’s goons hold the woman hostage, they beat the man of the house into submission.  Rae then glowers over him and delivers rhymes before his goon delivers the deathblow.  The trailer had me expecting something a bit more eventful, but since the song isn’t anything that epic I should have known better.  The videos for this album are nothing if not descriptive.  While they are amazingly small in scope, they stay true to the world that Rae has established. Anyway, enough prattling from me, Press play and take a dip in “Snake Pond.”

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