Thursday, June 2, 2011

Teaser Trailer: Touye Pwen: The Series

With the June 28th premiere date of Touye Pwen looming in the very near future, R.L. Scott saw fit to finally offer an overview of the entire series as opposed to another exclusive clip.  The teaser for Touye Pwen offers brief glimpses at the kind of tense situations that the series specializes in.  When viewed in rapid, collage-like succession, these play like moments from a macho soap opera.  That is not a criticism, as I think R.L. Scott might have been thinking along those lines.  Melodrama doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  What were The Sopranos or The Wire if not extremely high quality soap operas aimed at male viewers?
The title refers to the Haitian terminology for “kill point” or the point of death.  The story revolves around a newly released ex-con who is made to navigate through a sea of criminality to achieve his goals.  Of course, such a scenario would provide ample opportunity for the kinds of stand-offs that R.L. Scott has already teased us with.  What I am now interested in are the pay offs of these staring contests.  Sooner or later, all of this has to come to a head.  That’s not to say that the pay off has to be violent, only that things should actually happen during the course of this series.  Even Quentin Tarantino, with his penchant for extended and sometimes self indulgent stretches of “clever” dialogue, knows that.  

This character seems to be taking the series title quite literally.

Given what I have seen so far, I suspect that such an understanding is not beyond R.L. Scott’s grasp.  This is hardly his first time behind a camera.  If nothing else, this teaser gives off the vibe that these characters and situations are in very sure hands.  I like the idea of touring a fictional underworld that was designed in a very deliberate and confident manner.  Too often, crime series tend to settle into a tiresome formula.  Whenever one resists that temptation, it often meanders about aimlessly in its later seasons, needlessly prolonging the inevitable final episode (Oz comes instantly to mind).  If R.L Scott has done his homework on this genre, he should know what pitfalls to avoid.  

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