Friday, July 22, 2011

Blu-ray Trailer: Star Wars Deleted Scenes

While former fans continue to vocalize their disdain for the prequels and special editions like spurned lovers, loyalists like me keep fighting the good fight.  My love for the original trilogy has tirelessly endured every indignity George Lucas has inflicted on his industry changing creation.  Therefore, I have no shame in admitting that I will be purchasing the complete saga when it’s released on Blu-Ray this September 16th.  If that makes me a dupe, so be it.  I will be comfortable in the fact that the set will contain some truly sweet extras, not the least of which are a handful of legendary deleted scenes from the first three films.

The scenes in question are admittedly few.   Yet, they remain are often discussed artifacts of Star Wars minutiae.  Episode 4 contained a scene where Luke witnesses the space battle that takes place during the opening moments of the film through a pair of binoculars from his moisture farm on Tattooine.  Episode V originally featured much more Wampa action within the confines of the rebel base.  Last but not least, a lost scene from episode VI showed our heroes attempting to board the Millennium falcon during a blinding sandstorm on Tatooine.  Lucasfilm has just released a trailer that splices together a few grainy moments from each to the strains of John Williams chilling “The Clash of the Lightsabers.”  Such a marriage of sounds and images will immediately send chills up the spine of any true Star Wars fan.  


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