Friday, November 18, 2011

DJ Quik Pays Tribute to Heavy D as Only He Can

As Hip-Hop continues to mourn the passing of Heavy D, it seems that no tribute to his memory and legacy could possibly be enough.  The expected tribute mixes from old school DJ’s are par for the course, and it’s always great to hear the songs that endeared Heavy D to his fans.  Still, such a huge personality demands something a bit grander.  Such huge expectations can, of course, never truly be met.  In such a situation, it’s the more unexpected tributes that tend to have the greatest impact.  An artist who would appear to be the antithesis to all the Heavy stood for (at least to those not paying attention) has chosen to poor out a little liquor for a fallen comrade, albeit one from the other side of the country.  DJ Quik, who early in his career never hesitated to engage east coast rappers in verbal fisticuffs, has crafted a funky send off for the overweight lover.

The track is called “Heavy Mr. Big Stuff.”  Over double time drums, Quik loops a falsetto refrain of the word “heavy.”  Hand claps and funky guitars fill accompany a looming, menacing bassline which oddly mirrors the larger than life persona of Heavy himself.  Almost thirty seconds in, Quik let’s loose with a rapid fire verse that amazingly and succinctly describes what made Heavy D great.  This small yet effective tribute makes perfect sense when one thinks about the legacy of both artists.  Much of Quik’s music revolves around partying and good times, just like much of Heavy D’s music did.  Quik’s brand of party music may have been a bit more profane, but it shows that he and Heavy had more in common artistically than many people realize.  “Heavy Mr. Big Stuff” shows that game truly recognizes game, and that Heavy D’s impact was felt well beyond the confines of Mount Vernon.  

DJ Quik - Heavy Mr Big Stuff by DJQuik