Monday, November 28, 2011

LBP Stunts Chicago Makes Muggers Think Twice in New Test Footage

LBP Stunts will not be denied.  It’s just that simple.  Even the throwaway material from those guys is worth a look.  Their latest experiment was conducted as a test of the Sony FS100 Super 35mm digital motion camcorder.  It’s a bit of test footage depicting a physical confrontation between a mugger and a victim in a multilevel parking garage.  Emmanuel Manzanares plays the attacker and Shawn Bernal the target.  As expected, the two engage in a bit of fierce fisticuffs.  As is the standard for LBP stunts, the choreography comes at the viewer fast and furious.  Moves and countermoves are unleashed in rapid and hard hitting succession.  

Two versions are provided, one with filter effects and one without.  Both are equally satisfying, and would feel right at home in any number of urban action flicks from the 1980’s.  The clip barely lasts a minute and a half, and as such doesn’t provide enough material for my usual over-analysis.  Keeping that in mind, I will keep the preamble short and get right to the goods.  Enjoy.

With Filter Effects:

Without Filter Effects: 

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