Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Book Review: Immerse Yourself In "The Art Of Drew Struzan"

By Scott Tre

One of my earliest memories is when my parents took me to see Flash Gordon.  I was only three, so most of the trip is pretty foggy save for a few things that really stood out.  One of those things  was the souvenirs stand. I remember rows of magazines adorning a wall behind a cashier.  Each one was a merchandising tie-in for the films playing at the theater.  Each had the poster art from the film as its cover image.  My mother bought me the one for Flash Gordon, which came in pretty handy since I was too scared to watch anything that transpired on screen.  I don’t remember the actual contents of that Flash Gordon magazine, but I still vaguely recall the poster art.  To this day, the movie poster is a vital part of the movie going experience for me.