Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Shaw Brothers Saturday Matinee: Vengeance!

In the wake of Celestial Pictures acquisition of the Shaw Brothers catalog, my cinematic horizons have broadened considerably.  I had always associated the studio with highly entertaining but undeniably B-level filmmaking.  After doing some research over the past few years, I now realize that their extensive library was quite varied.  After interviewing a talanted filmmaker named Kantz, who happens to be an ardent fan of Shaw Brothers chief cinematic architect Chang Cheh, I was inspired to reconsider Changs work.  I’m glad I did, because I have discovered a real gem that makes one hell of an argument for his talents as a filmmaker.  It’s called “Vengeance!”

Album Review: Raekwon-Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang

Straight from the slums of Shaolin, Raekwon the Chef has cooked up another eclectic stew of pop culture references and old school NYC street wisdom with Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang.  Named after the classic chopsocky, Raekwon’s latest is the follow up to the surprisingly well received Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II.  In following up the original Cuban Linx, Rae suffered horribly from a severe case of the sophomore slump.  Is Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang an epic blunder on par with 1999’s Immobilarity, or is it able to match the quality of its immediate predecessor?