Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Music Video Review: Pharoahe Monch-Clap (one day)

There was a brief but shining moment when the best rap videos were visual and descriptive.  They were usually best suited to songs that told vivid stories.  “Clap (one day),” the lead single from Pharoahe Monch’s upcoming album W.A.R(We Are Renegades), comes accompanied by striking video that would have surely generated controversy in an earlier era.  It shows just how much Pharoahe Monch has always stood out from his contemporaries.  He doesn’t care about generating controversy, only about conveying potent messages through compelling music.

No Boundaries: An Interview With Kantz, Director of "Urgency"

In the modern era, artistic freedom and financial independence are inextricably linked.  Seeking acceptance and funding from the powers that be can lead to a form of indentured servitude.  Those in charge won’t let anything offset the balance of power, but they will dole out a few crumbs to appease the peasants.  Knowing this, the more ambitious members of the creative community have chosen other means to see their artistic visions realized.  They often have to do so with minimal resources at their disposal, but in the long run it’s worth it.  When you aren’t beholden to corporate benefactors, your vision can be presented to the public as it was originally intended.