Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Beastie Boys Fight the Men in the Mirror in the Red Band Trailer for “Fight For Your Right – Revisited”

The Beastie Boys have met the enemy, and it is them.  That, in a nutshell, is the premise of Fight For Your Right – Revisited.  The 30 minute short film will accompany the release of their eighth album Hot Sauce Committee Part 2.  In the film, the present day Beasties travel back in time to antagonize the Licensed To Ill Incarnation of themselves, effectively giving their younger selves a taste of their own obnoxious medicine.

Michael Jai White Comes Out Swinging in the Teaser Trailer For "Mortal Kombat: Legacy"

The teaser trailer for Mortal Kombat: Legacy has arrived, and It focuses on the main asset of the property: well known characters facing off against each other.  Jax (Michael Jai White) is in hot pursuit of Kano (Darren Shahlavi) engaging him in a furious duel..  Gunfire ensues as Kano pops off a few rounds from his Desert Eagle.  When the two run out of ammunition, the inevitable fisticuffs commence.  The two face off mano-y-mano, Kano using a knife and Jax his bare hands. After a brief exchange of moves and counter moves, Kano gets a Grenade launcher.  The two fight over the weapon, which leads to a most unexpected result.