Friday, May 20, 2011

Movie Trailer: Green Lantern 3D Trailer

The 3D trailer for Green Lantern has arrived.  It comes equipped with voice over narration that gives a cliffs notes version of the 71 year old mythology.  The CGI still looks like glossy animation, but the scope and ambition of Martin Campbell’s vision continues to capture the imagination.  The main purpose of this trailer seems to be exposition.  Warner Brothers has too much riding on this to risk alienating any segment of the audience. 

The Ebony Cat Roars: An Interview With Writer/Journalist Allen Scott Gordon (Part 1)

By the time the golden age of Hip-Hop journalism began, the golden age of rap music was already well under way.  The Source emerged during the early and mid-1990’s as the consummate hip-hop publication of its era.  It was indeed a powerhouse, boasting a plethora of talent, professionalism and journalistic integrity.  Still, it often presented a lop-sided perspective on the culture since the majority of its staff hailed from the northeastern United States.  Another voice was needed to balance things out.  Enter Bay Area native Allen Scott Gordon.

First Image of Bane from "The Dark Knight Rises"

Filming on Christopher Nolan’s third and final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, began last week.  As with his other two installments, I wondered how the villains would be visualized.  The inclusion of Bane into Nolan’s hyper-real universe struck me as odd when it was announced.  The character, as rendered in the comics, seemed a bit too typically “comic book” for the Nolan aesthetic.  This was mostly due to his gargantuan size.  The casting of Tom Hardy didn’t do anything to assuage my doubts.  Still, a friend of mine (who has an annoying penchant for being right much of the time) encouraged me to reserve judgment until more substantial info became available.