Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Great Adventure: My Personal Journey with 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'

30 years ago today, filmmakers Steven Spielberg and George Lucas unleashed a collaborative effort upon the world that would prove just as influential as either of their breakthrough films.  Though I was far too young to fully understand or grasp the genius of Raiders of the Lost Ark at the time, my senses were acute enough to recognize when I was in the midst of something world changing.  That film became a defining event of my youth, one that would go on to inform and influence other parts of my life.  Today I see it as the manifestation of a precious life lesson that my father tried to pass on to me.

Happy Birthday Dr. Jones: 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Turns 30

During the 1970’s, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg laid the groundwork for what we now call the summer blockbuster.  Jaws and Star Wars provided Hollywood with a lucrative new template that would increase their box office and merchandising revenues exponentially.  While that monumental feat was more than enough to establish each man as a wunderkind in his own right, they both still had one more amazing trick up their sleeves.  They both drew on childhood obsessions to fuel their creativity, and had now decided to combine their efforts.  The offspring of this collaboration would be birthed on June 12th, 1981.  Action/Adventure films haven’t been the same since.