Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Alex: ‘A Clockwork Orange’ Turns 40

Society is fearful and envious of youth, especially in the wake of social upheaval.  Young people represent a threat to the status quo as they often do not value the traditions of their elders.  They also don’t fear or comprehend consequences.  40 years ago, visionary director Stanley Kubrick was able to harness that fear and channel it into a single film.  That film was both a celebration of the most depraved juvenile delinquency, and a meditation on crime, punishment, and reform.

Music Video: Raekwon - Snake Pond

Home invasions have always been a part of the drug game.  Just ask Azie Faison, who was nearly killed by intruders trying to get at his stash.  They are also an effective method of intercepting an enemy or “sending a message.”  Being that such incidents occur so regularly in the world of hustling, it’s fitting that so many songs by Raekwon and Ghost constantly refer to them.  From “260” to “Maxine” and well beyond, The Cuban Link Cartel understands the dangers of answering the door when you’re not sure who’s on the other side.  Raekwon delves into that dilemma yet again for the latest video from Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, “Snake Pond”