Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Web Series Review: Touye Pwen: Episode 1 “The Strap Set”

Enter The Strap Set, a gun running operation out of the Big Apple that asks no questions and takes no prisoners.  After a violent business dispute with a rival outfit lands Strap Set member Zho (Tracey Dukes) in prison, the remaining members move the operation to Los Angeles.  Upon Zho’s return, things have changed considerably.  Khalil (Maurice Whitfield) is in the process of completing a deal with Luc (Kevin Lukata) for a cache of prototype high-tech firearms.  Meanwhile, Ryhis (Amin Joseph) and Grimm (Sean Riggs) welcome Zho home after he emerges from the belly of the beast.  The warm reception is short lived, as Zho is expected to immediately resume his role within the set.

TV One Gives One of Raps ‘Unsung’ Heroes His Due

Hip-Hop has a notoriously short memory and a spotty track record when it comes to celebrating its legends.  Anyone not named 2Pac or B.I.G has to settle for being a footnote.  That makes it all the more surprising when someone finally and properly pays the proper respect to those most deserving of it.  Last night, TV One’s music documentary series Unsung aired an episode dedicated to the smooth operator himself, Big Daddy Kane.