Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shaw Brothers Saturday Matinee: Five Element Ninjas

Two rival Chinese clans face off against each other in ten rounds of combat.  The victors will be proclaimed rulers of the martial world.  Chief Hong, who presides over the losing clan, refuses to accept defeat.  He enlists the help of a ninja clan headed up by Kembuchi Muduo (Chen Hui Min), who in turn issues a challenge to the champions.  The victorious school answers by sending out eight heroic warriors, who are massacred when faced with the deadly “five elements” formation.  The ninja clan then proceeds to overrun their compound, slaughtering everyone inside save for Hsiao Tien Hao (Cheng Tien Chi).  Hsiao escapes, and finds shelter with an aging martial arts master who has studied Ninjutsu.  This elder warrior schools Hsiao and three others in the dark arts.  They then use this newly acquired skillset to exact vengeance on Kembuchi and his ninja clan.