Sunday, July 24, 2011

Television Series Review: 'Breaking Bad' Season Four Episode One - "Thirty-Eight Snub"

After the last particularly tense meeting with Gus, Walter (Bryan Cranston) takes the necessary precautions and prepares for what he sees as the inevitable.  Jesse (Aaron Paul) continues to nurse the pangs of guilt with women, whine, and song.  Of course, he supplements that therapeutic concoction with lines of crystal meth.  Hank (Dean Norris) buries himself in a new found obsession with minerals to cope with his feelings of helplessness while his wife (Betsy Brandt) struggles to find a way to connect with him.  Skyler (Anna Gunn) continues trying to assert control of Walter’s criminal endeavors any way she knows how.   

Teaser Trailer: 'Black Dynamite: The Animated Series' Pilot Episode

A certain badass mofo will be making his debut on Cartoon Network a bit sooner than expected.  The pilot episode for Black Dynamite: The Animated series was screened at the San Diego Comic-Con during a panel hosted by Michael Jai White, Carl Jones, Scott Sanders, and Kim Whitley.  Those of us who didn’t attend will have to make due with this teaser trailer until the pilot airs exclusively on on August 8th.  A two week waiting period isn’t an ungodly amount of time, but it’s not every day that a cartoon series featuring a black protagonist makes its debut.

Preview Clip: The Goon

As computer animated features become more varied in terms of subject matter, some truly bizarre offerings will start popping up on multiplex screens.  One such oddity is the upcoming adaptation of Eric Powell’s Dark Horse Comics series The Goon.  The title character is a hulking brute who poses as a mob enforcer.  He and his pal Franky go about town busting heads and collecting debts.   Together, they fight off zombie hordes, occult priests with supernatural powers, and mobsters who’ve risen from the grave.