Saturday, July 30, 2011

Movie Trailer: Red Tails

African American history is a valuable resource that remains largely untapped by Hollywood.  When one of these stories actually makes its way to the big screen, it does so in an antiseptic and often emasculated state.  This is sometimes the result of political correctness on the part of white filmmakers, (in the rare instances that they don’t marginalize black characters in their own story).  Handing the material over to black filmmakers might seem like an obvious solution, but that to can have its drawbacks.  So many of the old guard are solely concerned with presenting positive black images, to the point where they forget to allow the story to simply tell itself.  Its seems that great stories of the black experience in America may never get the ideal treatment.  Well, the upcoming Red Tails aims to be the antidote for all that ails black historical dramas.

Album Review: Wu-Tang Clan - Legendary Weapons

The Wu-Tang Clan’s efficiency as a collective has diminished greatly in the last decade, as certain solo careers have fared far more than others.  Though it is well past their heyday, the clan has been more consistent in the last two years than during almost any time since their height.  In continuance of their current hot streak, the compilation album Legendary Weapons (named after the Shaw Brothers classic Legendary Weapons of China aka Legendary Weapons of Kung Fu) offers a helping of tracks that feature various group members spitting over stripped down beats by sonic architects such as Lil Fame, Noah Robin, and Andrew Kelley. 

Television Series Review: ‘Thundercats’– Series Premiere: “The Sword of Omens” & “Ancient Spirits of Evil”

The kingdom of Thundera has long enjoyed dominion over third earth.  Likewise, the Thundercats have long been at the top of the planets food chain.  King Claudius (Larry Kenney) rules with a sure and steady hand.  He one day hopes for his youngest son, Lion-O (Will Friedle), to take his rightful place on the throne.  Alas, the cub has other things on his mind.  Claudius’s adoptive son Tygra (Matthew Mercer) appears to be better suited to wear the crown.  During a celebration in honor of the returning warrior Grune the Destroyer (Clancy Brown), lizards launch an all-out attack on Thundera.  The kingdom’s inhabitants find themselves ill prepared for the onslaught and its orchestrator, Mumm-Ra (Robin Atkins Downes).  Young Lion-O finds himself confronted with the defining moment of his life.  Will he prove himself worthy of the crown?