Sunday, August 14, 2011

Web Series Review: ‘Touye Pwen’ Episode 7 – “Ties That Bind”

Knight (Shaun Mixon) summons his most prosperous salesman to a private meeting.  However, the mysterious crime lord has much more than business on his mind.  The secret he reveals to his prolific young protégé is nothing short of a revelation.  The question is, how will Khalil (Maurice Whitfield) take the news?

Television Series Review: ‘Thundercats’ Season 1 Episode Four – “Song of the Petalars”

Slithe and his lizard army doggedly pursue the Thundercats to the ends of Third Earth.  Having grown weary of the chase, Lion-O and his team take refuge in a thorn-bush forest.  As they make their way through the terrain, they come in contact with the Petalars, a plant like species that has been trapped in the forest for generations.  A young Petalar by the name of Emerick takes a liking to Lion-O and begins modedling himself after the young warrior.  Flattered, Lion-O promises to deliver the Petalars from the captivity of their thorn bush prison.