Thursday, August 18, 2011

Music Video: Pete Rock & Smif N Wessun featuring Buckshot - “Night Time”

Black biker clubs existed in the five boroughs well before New York rappers began adopting their style.  Sometime during the 1990’s, black biker swagger became all the rage.  The trend reached its zenith in the late 1990’s with the rise of the Ruff Ryders camp.  Now, such imagery has nostalgic value as it harkens back to the last true era of NY hip-hop prominence.  Seeing as how Pete Rock and the Boot Camp Click never really left that era (at least not in a spiritual sense) it makes perfect sense that black biker chic would serve as the motif for their new video “Night Time.”

Presentation Pilot Review: Champion Road

John Merser (Brooklyn Mclinn) is a model son who enjoys a meager yet honest existence.  He helps his father Abraham (Robbie Robinson) maintain the family towing business.  Meanwhile, John’s younger brother Sean (Ary Katz) carries on in a slightly different family tradition.  He participates in street boxing matches for money, against his family’s wishes.  When Sean winds up owing a vigorous debt to Benjamin Poge (Darrin Dewitt Henson), John goes against his principles to reenter the world of street boxing himself.  He seeks not fame or riches.  He only wishes to wipe out his brothers debt.