Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nike Goes Back To The Future With The Air Mag

One of the coolest movie moments of the 80’s was when Marty McFly strapped on a pair of self-lacing Nikes in Back to the Future Part II.  The futuristic Hi-Tops were a far cry from the Air Jordan IV’s that “Buggin Out” was rocking in Do The Right Thing.  Had Nike actually decided to put out a line of “Marty McFly’s 22 years ago, they would have surely been the hottest footwear on the planet.  Alas, self-lacing tennis shoes were still the stuff of science fiction films back in 1989.  Aliens fans were indeed lucky.  The Reebok “Alien Stompers” that Ellen Ripley sported were actually available to the general public (albeit in limited quantities) back in 1987.