Monday, November 7, 2011

Tron's Light Cycles Blaze a Trail Into Reality

The crushing disappointment of Tron: Legacy notwithstanding, one of the coolest imaginary vehicles in cinema history has to be the light cycle.  In the 1982 original, the light cycles sped across the game grid, producing a synthesized whiny noise that I incessantly imitated as a child while running full speed around the house.  They were beautiful examples of fast moving eye candy that no boy could resist.  The updated 2010 versions weren’t too shabby either, featuring a more streamlined and “sexy” design to accompany the likewise updated scenery.  They remained a lovely toy, and would sit proudly alongside Batman’s Tumbler in any self-respecting fanboys garage.  Alas, the real world and the game world are still light years apart.

Straight from the Hood: Amazing But True Gangster Tales (Exclusive Pete Rock Excerpt)

Until very recently, the realm of African American organized crime was largely an undiscovered country.  Over the past decade, the amount of information available on the subject has grown exponentially.  That is due in no small part to the growth of the internet, as well as the numerous biographies and testimonials that now populate the shelves of “urban” bookstores nationwide.  What was once the sole province of “street magazines” like F.E.D.S and Don Diva is slowly becoming a vast and reliable reference library.