Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Movie Review: Boy Wonder

The very concept of a “realistic” superhero film would seem to be a gross contradiction in terms.  The fantastical conventions and tropes of the genre seem irreversibly resistant to such iterations.  This has not stopped a plethora of filmmakers from offering pseudo realistic takes on the caped and costumed set.  Kick Ass, Watchmen, and Christopher Nolan’s Batman films all purport to be the genuine article in terms of grit and realism.  All of the aforementioned address the various implausibilities and impossibilities of the genre in a myriad of ways.  Though these films can in no way be considered artistic failures, none of them ever has ever been completely successful in accomplishing their goals.  Writer/Director Michael Morrissey has attempted to remedy this problem with his gritty vigilante film, Boy Wonder.