Thursday, February 23, 2012

Batman Gets Medieval In a New Suit of Armor

Of Batman’s many moniker’s, “The Dark Knight” has always been my favorite.  It adds an air of majesty to the caped crusader, almost as if the Batman persona is a position that has been handed down in the Wayne family for generations.  It also paints the Batman as a true warrior that holds a place of honor in his beloved Gotham.  It’s a title befitting an icon.  After all, what is The Batman if not a Knight in every sense of the word?

Samuel Lee and Dallas, TX based Prince Armory have visualized such kingly sentiments with an amazing new Batsuit. It’s not costume, but a literal suit of armor.  According to Samuel Lee, “The concept set in a medieval inspired fantasy universe. The story line is based upon Lord Wayne who alter ego is inspired by the loss of his wife Lady Abigale Wayne and unborn child.”  

Though it’s made of leather, it has an almost metallic sheen when exposed to daylight.  I love how it incorporates the shape and design of Bat’s wings throughout.  Not only does model Carlos Blanchard look like Bruce Wayne’s ancestor/ medieval forerunner, but he truly looks like the lord of a stately manner.  The sword is also exceedingly badass.  The crossbar itself is a replica of the bat-signal.  This is a beautiful work that exudes a true love of this fantasy character and his world.  All hail Lord Wayne!