Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Gentleman’s Club Talk Radio 3-22-2012

In recent weeks, I have become part of the Gentleman’s Club Talk Radio family.  Gentleman’s Club Talk Radio is a virtual lounge hosted by Torrey Fields, Iron Lion, and the lovely Ms. Raven “EthioAmerican” Alexandria. Every week they cover a wide range of topics from sports to current events and everything in between.  They always manage to do so with humor, wit, and intelligence.  I appear sporadically as my alter ego “Malice Intended” to cover Hip-Hop and movie related topics.  The party jumps off every Thursday from 9pm EST to 11pm EST.  All are welcome as long as you keep it grown, sexy, and smart!

This week’s topics will include the fallout from the Trayvon Martin shooting.  Will the controversy lead to some much needed change?  Also, Torrey and Iron Lion will be discussing that annual ultra-masculine ritual known as Wrestlemania!  Does it still carry the same weight as it did in generations past?  Is the UFC beginning to overshadow it?  These topics and more will be discussed as our hosts chop it up as only they can.  Feel free to drop by and add your two cents.  The number is 858-357-9159.  The time is 9pm EST on Thursdays.  See you there!

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