Thursday, April 12, 2012

Close Examination of ‘Prometheus’ Footage Reveals Something Squirm Inducing

Depictions of severe eye trauma in movies really creeps me out, whether it’s the grueling close-up of a splinter impaling an eyeball in Zombi 2 or the underground eye replacement surgery in Minority Report.  I’d quite frankly rather watch someone’s head explode in slow motion.  I suspect I’m not alone in feeling that way.  I also suspect that director Ridley Scott realizes just how many people absolutely hate the idea of anything foreign going into, or coming out, of their eyes.  

That might explain the downright creepy image revealed by this gif.   It was made from a tiny but of footage lifted from one of the recent Prometheus trailers.  It shows a character examining his eyeball in a mirror and finding…something.  It looks like a tiny, worm of some sort, trying to wriggle free of his eyeball.  

When presenting the full trailer at SXSW not too long ago, Scott suggested that Prometheus had something that would outdo the infamous “chestburster” scene in the original Alien.  If this is what he was hinting at, my skin is already crawling.  People would be afraid to look at their own eyeballs in the mirror for years to come, which would probably be the highest possible compliment to Scott as a filmmaker.      

Thanks to Devin over at Badass Digest for the scoop.


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