Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tasty Treat: Rihanna Goes Topless in Hawaii

I’ve always found Rihanna’s personality a bit unappealing.  She emanates a “damaged goods” vibe that can be sensed miles away by any man who has ever dealt with that type.  She also seems full of herself.  That being said, her sex appeal is undeniable.  Her lack of curves notwithstanding, Ms. Fenty has clearly got that thing that all the boys like.  More importantly, she knows that any heterosexual male with a pulse loves to see her flaunt it shamelessly, which she seems to do every chance she gets.  

Having always been ever so generous with her body, Rhianna recently released some pics from her Hawaiian getaway earlier this year.  The photos feature Rhi-Rhi frolicking in crystal clear waters and on white sandy beaches.  None of them are nudes, but they each show this Barbadian beauty in all her brown skinned glory.  Thank God for exhibitionists.  Life would be so boring without them.

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