Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thor and Cap Put the Smack Down on Alien Villains in This Action Packed ‘Avengers’ Clip

I never would’ve thought that The Avengers would’ve won me over so completely in the last few weeks.  I’ve been sold on just about everything I’ve seen from it since the two Superbowl trailers, particularly the Hulks rampages.  Though the scale still looks smaller than expected for a film of such scope, everything still looks suitably superheroic.  The costumes are hokey and the action is over the top. In the wake of Christopher Nolan’s “ultrarealistic” approach, it’s easy to forget that traditional superhero storytelling isn’t anything to be ashamed of.  An exclusive clip from the upcoming film entitled “Another Bout,” celebrates all that is marvelous about men in brightly colored tights saving the day.

On a New York City street littered with rubble and debris, Captain America and Thor stand side by side and hand out whole sale whup-ass to hordes of alien baddies.  It’s like a WWE match with giant props and visual FX.  All the moves are exaggerated. Every time Thor swings his hammer or Cap swings his shield, it’s to deliver a knockout blow on steroids.  Imagine a boxing match where nothing but haymakers are thrown and you get the idea.  Such slugfests are the stuff that superhero smack downs are made of.  Even though I like what I see, I hope this is one of the minor set-pieces and not a highlight.   

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