Thursday, April 19, 2012

TV Series Trailer: ‘Beware the Batman’ Teaser

Though I sometimes heard good things about them, I never paid much attention to any of the Batman cartoons that came after Batman: The Animated Series.  Bruce Timm’s take on the Caped Crusader left me quite satisfied, as it provided a library of fully realized adventures to rival those in any of the live action films.  That being said, the plethora of great superhero animation that has been released in recent years has opened up my mind a bit.  Batman has never been given the full on CG treatment (at least not to my admittedly limited knowledge).  DC Nation and Cartoon Network seek the remedy that with Beware the Batman, a new computer animated series set to debut later this year.

The series will focus on Batman’s ongoing conflicts with a new a gaggle of never before seen villains.  Aside from that, it seems to be in keeping with previous animated iterations of Batman in regards to tone.  In fact, when Batman’s face is finally revealed, it looks a bit like the logo for Batman: the Animated Series brought to three dimensional life.  Like its classic Bruce Timm produced forerunner, the production design of Beware the Batman eschews any sort of realism for fantastical film noir.          

Similarities to its immediate predecessors notwithstanding, I wouldn’t doubt that Beware the Batman has something new to offer viewers when it finally hits the airwaves later this year.  Each creative team brings with it new takes on old ideas and stories.  Besides, how boring would it be if different writers and animators weren’t allowed contribute to Batman’s legacy?  Batman: The Animated Series will always be a high watermark for animation.  Nothing will ever be able to tarnish its luster.  Rather, newer cartoons can only add to the ever expanding library of Bat-media, and that’s fine by me.    


  1. That being said, the plethora of great superhero cartoon that has been released in current years has open up my intelligence a bit.