Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Gentlemen’s Club Talk Radio: Obama’s Change of Heart, Sports, Spirituality and Much More!

Tonight on The Gentlemen’s Club Talk Radio, we tackle the hot button topic of gay marriage.  The president’s recent change of heart will mean big changes for the country at large.  How, if at all, will it affect the institution of marriage?  Is the sanctity of said institution at stake?  Is the Black church being hypocritical in it's stance on the subject?  Is this all simply much ado about nothing?  The GC crew will offer insightful and funny commentary as only we can.  We’ll also include our usual helping of sports talk, entertainment news, and spirituality.  As always, we keep the drinks flowing and the topics varied.  The party jumps off every Thursday at 9pm EST.  Call in at 858-357-9159 or join us in the online chatroom at

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