Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Music Video: Pusha T - Exodus 23.1

Okay, I admit it.  When it comes to Young Money Entertainment, I am indeed a hater.  Their roster is chockfull of annoying “characters” masquerading as cutting edge rap artists.  Even the more exceptional among them (The perpetually sappy Drake, for example) apply their talents in an obnoxious way.  It is for such reasons that I take sadistic pleasure in just about anything that gets a rise out of them and/or their fans.  Pusha T’s new diss record “Exodus 23.1” has managed to do just that.  Now, in a clear bid to add insult to injury, it also has a video.

Pusha obviously intends to keep it very hood, as the accompanying clip for his instantly infamous YMCMB diss was filmed entirely on location in Norfolk Virginia.  The synthesized track oozes grit and menace.  The drums mimic the intense thump of an extremely slowed heartbeat. The punctuating hand claps call to mind “Tony’s Theme” from Giorgio Moroder’s musical score for Scarface.  My favorite element of the track is how it uses the “ha ha ha” from the Notorious B.I.G ‘s “What’s Beef?”  At the end of the song, the chorus of Frank White’s eerie classic is allowed to play out further.   

The lyrics aren’t particularly clever or memorable, consisting mostly of the expected taunts and insults.  Pusha continuously questions Drake’s authenticity and Wayne’s Blood affiliation.  He largely coasts off the mood of the track.  Director Samuel Rogers keeps things suitably intense and gritty with tons of tight close-ups that focus on the minutia of life on the block.  Cocaine is smoked and snorted throughout the video, maintaining the crack game motif that still permeates this brand of Hip-Hop.  

As is expected in the accelerated world of the internet, Weezy and Drake have already issued responses, neither of which will be covered on Scottscope.  That might not be fair, but I’m not running a democracy here.  I like to consider this blog a benevolent dictatorship, except when it comes to anything YMCMB related.  In such cases, Scottscope becomes decidedly malevolent.  Those who don’t like it can take it up with Human Resources department, headed up by yours truly.

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