Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tonight on The Gentleman's Club Radio: Interracial Dating & Injuries in Youth Sports

By Torrey Fields

Tonight on The Gentleman's Club Radio...Do you like a little cream in your coffee? Or prefer chocolate in your milk?  How about wanting some flavor in your everyday mix? We're talking interracial dating. Share your stories and views tonight on the GCR.

Also in recent news, the devastating effects of a concussion have plagued many NFL/sport athletes careers and their day to day functions.  Lately that same worry consumes a lot of parents of kids participating in youth sports.  What precautions are you taking? Should we be overprotective now in an effort to keep them healthy in the long run?  Where do you stand on this issue?  We will discuss this and much more at 9pm ONLY on the Gentleman's Club radio.  Call in at 858-357-9159 or log in at

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