Monday, July 16, 2012

This Week on The Scottscope: Nas Lives A Good Life While Black Dynamite Gets Animated !

Nas lives a good life while Black Dynamite whips animated ass on the latest edition of The Scottscope!  This episode, the Scottscope roundtable talks about the new Nas album, Life Is Good.  Was it worth the wait?  Is it, as Nas promised, Hip-Hop’s answer to Marvin Gaye’s Here My Dear?  Does it represent a new chapter in his career?  How does it measure up to his other albums?   

We also celebrate the 25th anniversary of Robocop.  With a remake looming on the horizon, we take a close look at Paul Verhoven’s classic sci-fi actioner.  Is it still relevant?  Has it retained its ability to shock?  Are businessmen in the real world as ruthless as Dick Jones? Is a remake absolutely necessary?

Last night, Black Dynamite made the transition to both the small screen and the world of animation.  Is the cartoon an accurate representation of the film?  Do shows like Black Dynamite and The Boondocks portray African Americans in a bad light?  Does Cartoon Network have any sort of obligation to its African American viewership in that regard?  

As always, we plan to see just how far the rabbit hole goes as far as these topics are concerned.  Those who wish to join us can share their thoughts in our chatroom, or call us directly at (347) 215-7756.  Intelligent commentary is always welcomed at The Scottscope, where you’ll never be asked to check your brain at the door!

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