Thursday, August 30, 2012

Short Film Review: Live Action "Sleeping Dogs" Fight Film

Wei Shen (Xin Sareth Yuku) is a cop working deep cover in Hong Kong’s seedy underworld.  As part of his dangerous assignment, he’s been working as hired muscle for Tong (Michael Lehr).  One evening, the two meet up at Tong’s restaurant hideout.  During their meeting, Wei belligerently tenders his resignation, effective immediately.  A fight between the two men ensues, and quickly becomes an all-out brawl upon the arrival of Tong’s security force. As Wei fights for his life, Tong makes a hasty retreat.  Despite facing insurmountable odds, Wei maintains pursuit.  No matter the obstacles, he will have his revenge.   

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weezy Spurns the Big Apple While the Dream Factory Gets into the Recycling Business on This Week’s Scottscope Podcast!

As always, it’s all about Hollywood and Hip-Hop on this week’s Scottscope podcast!  First, the roundtable takes a look at Lil Wayne’s recent comments about New York City.  Apparently, he’s not too fond of the Big Apple, and many New Yorkers have taken umbrage at his Remarks.  Do they have a right to be upset?  Was Wayne out of line, or does he have a point?  What is it about New York that turns his stomach? Could his comments be taken as long overdue comeuppance for east coast bias?  Are people simply making a big deal out of nothing?  Was it silly for Senator Malcolm Smith to demand an apology on behalf of the city and its residents?  Is he simply grandstanding by doing so?  Did Donny Goines jump the gun by making the diss record “F*ck Lil Wayne (Flat Out I Don’t Like You).”  Will it spark an honest to God beef, or will Wayne simply ignore it and move on?  What, if anything, is going to come of all this?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Stallone Leads the Brigade While Ghostwriters Haunt Nas on This Week’s Scottscope Podcast!.

Stallone leads the brigade while Ghostwriters haunt Nas on this week’s Scottscope podcast.  The roundtable takes a look at the ensemble action extravaganza The Expendables 2.  How does it compare to the original?  Is it even better?  Where can the franchise go from here, and who can be added to the line-up?  Can Schwarzenegger follow in Stallone’s footsteps and stage a similarly successful comeback?  Should the action icons of the 80’s simply hang it up and go quietly out to pasture? 

Amazing Attractions: The Last Stand

It’s easy to forget that Arnold Schwarzenegger was once an underdog.  He ascended to the very heights of movie stardom in spite of his considerable handicaps.   In that sense, he is very much like his one-time rival, Sylvester Stallone.  Both men are now in their mid to late 60’s, and attempting to recapture a bit of their past glory.  Arnold’s first true effort in that regard is The Last Stand.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Amazing Attractions: Bullet to the Head

Thus far, the 80’s action revival has focused squarely on the stars of that period.  It has completely ignored the unsung heroes of that era, namely the directors who crafted such films.  One such man is Walter Hill.  The current resurgence has allowed him an opportunity for reentry, in the form of the upcoming Stallone vehicle A Bullet to the Head.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Jeremy Renner Rages against the Machine on This Week’s Scottscope Podcast!

On this week’s edition of Scottscope, we discuss The Bourne Legacy, the fourth entry in the Bourne Film series.  How does it compare to the first three films?  Should the franchise have stopped with The Bourne Ultimatum?  Are Jeremy Renner and Tony Gilroy suitable replacements for Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass?  Does Jeremy Renner have the star power to carry an action franchise such as this?  Should Tony Gilroy have stuck to screenwriting?  Has any film series produced a fourth entry that was worth watching?  

Back in the Saddle Again: ‘Unforgiven’ Turns 20

The film industry caters to cravings of its public, and American audiences have always craved one thing above all else: escapism.  For a very long time, that escapism came by way of Westerns.  Many of these films had very little use for realism or historical accuracy.  They envisioned the American Frontier as a place where men settled their differences by way to the gun.  The “white hats” operated according to a rigid code, which sometimes required them to kill.  So long as blood was spilled in the name of revenge, or some other righteous notion, violent actions were never questioned.  Such low regard for human life quickly became par for the course, and filmmakers dished it out heartily.  

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Snoop Lion Roars While Colin Farrell Tries to Find Himself (Literally) On The Scottscope!

Welcome to the Scottscope, where popular culture gets put under the knife!  On this edition, the roundtable ponders Snoop’s musical and spiritual rebirth.  Is this an elaborate publicity stunt, or has Snoop finally found enlightenment?  Can he be taken seriously as a Reggae artist?  Is he abandoning Hip-Hop, or is this simply another leg in his musical journey?  Will he ever work with Dr. Dre again?