Monday, August 6, 2012

The Snoop Lion Roars While Colin Farrell Tries to Find Himself (Literally) On The Scottscope!

Welcome to the Scottscope, where popular culture gets put under the knife!  On this edition, the roundtable ponders Snoop’s musical and spiritual rebirth.  Is this an elaborate publicity stunt, or has Snoop finally found enlightenment?  Can he be taken seriously as a Reggae artist?  Is he abandoning Hip-Hop, or is this simply another leg in his musical journey?  Will he ever work with Dr. Dre again?

We also talk about the remake of the sci-fi classic Total Recall.  Can Collin Farrell fill Arnold’s shoes?  Should he even try to?  Is this yet another unnecessary remake, or did the original leave room for improvement?  Is the PG-13 rating indicative of the film’s quality?

We also celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Clint Eastwood’s revisionist Western Unforgiven.  Is it truly Clint’s best film, or was the academy overcompensating for past slights?  Does it truly offer a more realistic take on the old west?  How does it compare to the Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone?  Is such a comparison valid?  Should Clint be apologetic for the level of violence in his early films?  Are there any parallels between the glorification of outlaws in classic westerns and the glorification of gangsters in Hip-Hop?

We invite anyone and everyone to sit in on our little discussion and share whatever thoughts they may have.  Scottscope is an all-inclusive experience, where no topic is too crazy and no question is off limits!  Our chat room can be seen as a giant venue with an unlimited capacity.  No matter how many we have in attendance, there’s always room for more!  See you Tuesday, August 7th at 8pm EST!  

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