Thursday, September 20, 2012

16 Stunning New Images From ‘The Man with the Iron Fists’

At this point, it surely cannot be possible to tease The Man with the Iron Fists any more than it’s already been teased.  Fans had to wait an excruciatingly long time for a single trailer to finally surface.  According to Shadow and Act, there have been a few test screenings, but reports from these secret viewings have been scarce.  Hopes are high for this film, and expectations are getting more unrealistic by the day.  Alas, November 20th is still two months away.  Universal Pictures will not doubt continue to build anticipation during the interim.  In furtherance of that purpose, 16 new images from the film have been released.

Each new image emphasizes a different aspect or character.  They revel in gory violence, exotic weaponry, and sexuality.  Since all those elements are present in The RZA’s music, it only makes sense that they would surface in his films.  To be honest, I have no idea how new some of these images are.  I’ve seen many of them on the film’s Facebook page in the last few weeks.  Each time one was presented, fans were asked to provide an appropriate caption.  My personal favorite is the one showing two weapons whose bladed edges come together to form the yin-yang symbol.  I also like the one that shows blood jutting out from behind some poor bastard’s ears as he lay dying on the ground.  It will be fun to see how all of these images fit into the bigger picture.  One image of The RZA as the title character can be seen above.  The rest are embedded below.  Enjoy.

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