Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Slaughter Deferred: Artwork Surfaces from an Unpublished ‘Wu-Massacre’ Comic

Over the last three years, some pretty good albums have carried the iconic Wu-Tang symbol.  2010’s Wu Massacre was not one of them.  The heavily hyped album grouped Ghostface, Raekwon, and Method Man into a trio not unlike Bell Biv DeVoe.  While the final product left much to be desired, it did have one hugely redeeming feature.  Famed comic artist Chris Bachalo and inker Tim Townsend designed a triad of cover portraits, each of which envisioned a particular group member as a comic book character.  The artwork was truly inspired, and really spoke to the possibilities of an ongoing series featuring the Clan.  As it turns out, just such a series was planned but never published.

The Wu-Disciples blog has uncovered a few pages of an abandoned Wu-Massacre comic by Bachalo and art director/designer Alex Haldi.  For your viewing pleasure, I have embedded these pages below.  The art style has vague echoes of John Romita Junior.    While there’s nothing in the way of dialogue or word balloons, much of the action is self-explanatory.  Each group member is given a superpowered attribute or weapon that corresponds with their Hip-Hop persona.  Method Man has the power of pyrokinesis, and can incinerate enemies with a wave of his hand.  In accordance with his moniker of “The Chef,” Raekwon carries around a pair of giant meat cleavers.  Ghost is envisioned as bejeweled gargantua with a harem of women.  He also wields a golden semi-automatic.  The action depicted is hyper-violent, which is perfectly in keeping with the mythology of the Clan.  Had this been published, it would have been a really fun tie-in to a relatively underwhelming album.  The pages can be viewed below.  Enjoy.

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