Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge To Come Up With ‘12 Reasons To Die’ In Time For Thanksgiving

The RZA has been a very busy man over the last few years.  Most recently, he’s been preparing his directorial debut, The Man with the Iron Fists, for release.  The film now seems poised to be the focal point of a full on Wu-Tang revival.  Its soundtrack will certainly provide ample opportunity for both core members and longtime affiliates to shine.  However, the most irrepressible clansman will have his very own showcase aside from appearing on that compilation.  This fall, the incomparable Tony Starks will be teaming up with producer/musician Adrian Younge for a collaborative effort titled 12 Reasons To Die. As with the soundtrack for The Man with the Iron Fists, it will be released on The RZA’s new Soul Temple Records imprint.   RZA will be serving as executive producer.  There will also be a coinciding comic book from Black Mask.  

Adrian Younge, who provided the soundtrack for Black Dynamite, should be a great match for Ghost.  His sound is perfectly tailored to Ghost’s musical tastes, which tend towards the soulful sounds of the 1970’s.  It will also be nice to hear Starks over live instrumentation instead of samples.  Still, it’s hard to know just what to expect from this project.  The cover-art depicts Ghost as a night stalker akin to Dracula or Erik (The Phantom of the Opera).  He’s shown menacing a helpless woman while sporting a fencing mask and demonically long finger nails.  The image could very well be the poster for some sleazy exploitation picture, or perhaps a Giallo film.  An ad for the album shows a woman’s bleeding leg strapped to some sort of torture device.  Lord knows what any of this implies, but color me intrigued.  Any project that can get Ghost and Adrian Younge in the studio together has got to be worth a listen.  12 Ways To Die will be in stores November 20th.  

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